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Osman Khadem Persey

Executive Chairman
Mr. Osman Khadem Persey, Executive Chairman of Mesh Technologies Limited, is a seasoned entrepreneur with 35 years of diverse business expertise. A visionary leader, he guides the company's financial strategy and actively pursues growth opportunities in telecommunications and energy sectors. Persey's dynamic leadership ensures Mesh Technologies' continual advancement in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Shah Profile 03

Md. Shah Jalal Sohel

Managing Director
Mr. Sohel serves as the Managing Director of Mesh Technologies Limited. With a robust background in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Innovation, and General Management spanning over 15 years, Sohel specializes in leading large-scale business transformations, IP Telephony, Telecommunication, international wholesale, retail, and network deployment. His commercial leadership skills have consistently driven revenue and profitability increases while successfully turning around underperforming businesses. Recognized as a visionary and entrepreneurial leader, Mr. Sohel is known for his unique perspectives, ability to build high-performing teams, and expertise in driving cost reductions through corporate synergies and reorganizations.

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Mrs. Lovely Yesmin Luba

Director of Finance
As a Company Director of Finance, Mrs. Luba harnesses her wealth of experience and expertise to orchestrate strategic financial initiatives. Her forte lies in setting clear strategic priorities, providing insightful direction, and aligning financial strategies with the overarching goals of the company. With a dynamic blend of financial prowess and a strategic mindset, Mrs. Luba is poised to drive the financial success and sustainable growth of the organization. Her expertise in record-keeping and financial tracking, coupled with a Bachelor's in Economics from Bangladesh National University and technical proficiency in Computer Fundamentals, empowers her to strategically steer financial success.


Mohammad Baquir Rahman

Head of Customer Engineering
Mohammad Baquir Rahman is a seasoned professional in the realm of Customer Engineering, renowned for his expertise in Management and core Networking. With a solid educational foundation, he holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from GNIIT in India. Additionally, he pursued a Masters in Marketing & Innovation in the UK, further honing his skills and knowledge in the field. Rahman's career is defined by a dedication to bridging technology and business, offering invaluable insights at the intersection of customer-centric solutions and cutting-edge networking strategies. Currently serving as the Head of Customer Engineering, Rahman continues to drive innovation and excellence in his field.

md kamruzzaman

Md Kamruzzaman

Head of Operation
Md Kamruzzaman is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of extensive experience in the Telecom industry. With expertise in business administration and tactical management, Kamruzzaman excels in strategic planning, organizational skills, and a solution-oriented approach, consistently achieving optimal results. His commitment to driving business growth, enhancing profitability, and fostering strategic alliances is evident in his track record. Kamruzzaman holds a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from KUET and is certified in PRINCE2® EXIN Project Management.

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Md. Saiful Amin

Head of Technical
Md. Saiful Amin is a seasoned professional in the technical domain, leveraging extensive expertise to lead and drive innovation. With a wealth of experience in various technical spheres, he currently serves as the Head of Technical, where his strategic vision and meticulous approach guide teams toward success. Amin is renowned for his adeptness in navigating complex technical landscapes, coupled with a passion for fostering collaboration and achieving remarkable results. His leadership style fosters an environment of continual growth and development, propelling both individuals and projects toward excellence.



Expert Team to perform the best  

Our Experiences with


We have a good experience with world and local top class companies.

* Ericsson  * Edotco  * Robi  * Airtel  * Grameen Phone  * Teletalk  

Our Experiences on

Experienced of around more than 15000+ Successful Works.

High Skilled and well trained and Motivated 200 Professionals.

  • BTS Installation (4650+)
  • MW Installation (3700+)
  • Optical Fiber Cable termination between MUX & ODF, ODF & LTU, LTU & ODF, ODF & MMU
  • E1 Mapping for both Cascade and Stand alone sites
  • Infrastructure and Cost Studies
  • Power Maintenance for BTS
  • Equipment survey (3200+)
  • Vehicle Management (11)
  • Warehouse Management (3)
  • Site Surveys, Site Evaluation, Approval and Drive Testing (600+)
  • AC and Generator supply, install and maintenance
  • LOS and TSS Survey (4000+)
  • Up Gradation of Baseline, Up Gradation of Modules
  • Management / Technical
  • Core Networking / Switching (10+)
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Multiplexer (10+)
  • Site Acquisition (40+)