We offer continuous consultancy for turnkey projects, maintenance, restoration, and operational services across various network types, including broadband, wireless, copper, coaxial, and hybrid networks. Our nationwide capabilities provide local resources and pricing advantages over competitors across a broader geographic area.

Our ongoing installation services stem from our ability to deliver network services at reduced costs and faster timelines, maintaining equal or superior quality compared to in-house operations.

We frequently oversee network operations for emerging markets and new technologies, facilitating the swift launch of commercial operations for our clients while offering cost-effective in-house technical services.

GSM Wireless Network Infrastructure

BTS Installation, Testing and Commissioning
MW Installation, Testing and Commissioning
Path LoS and report preparation
Supply & logistics
Site additionsservices
Site modifications
Antenna system adjustments
Coaxial line sweeps and repairs
Lease and zoning modifications
Radio adds
RF Optimization
Generator and power plant maintenance
Facilities maintenance
Emergency restoration
Property Management
Tower Maintenance
Power System Maintenance


IT Infrastructure Service and Solutions

MTL is your premier destination for comprehensive IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions. We excel in delivering avant-garde technology solutions spanning diverse domains, dedicated to empowering businesses on their transformative digital voyage.

  • Data Center Solutions (End to End data center and security) Solutions for Security ( Network Security)
  • Data Protection, Bandwidth Management, Proxy for Authentication)
  • Networking Solutions ( Managed Network Service, Visualization, Unified Communication, Implementation etc)
  • Solutions for Data Center (Active & Passive Component)
  • Printing Solutions (OPS- Office Printing solutions, control your printing)
  • Access Control & Surveillance Solutions
  • SBC Solution (Voice & SMS)
  • ERP Solutions
  • IT Auditing & Consultancy
  • Solutions for Power (Power Backup, Surge protection)
  • Solutions for Documents Management, Digital Library (Archiving)
  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Performance/Quality Checkup for Data, Application, Power, Network & infrastructure
  • Managed Service (Help Desk, call center, AMC (24X7) Support, Relocation)
  • Solutions for Banking Automation
  • Infrastructure Designing & Building
  • Data Center design & construct
  • Network Infrastructure & Integration
  • System Integration
  • Business Applications
  • Security Services-Firewall, VPN, Antivirus and RSA
  • Hospital network implementation
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Integrity
  • Pre-Sales Support Services

Optical Fiber (Installation & Maintenance)

  • Optical Fiber Data Connectivity (P2P - Dedicated Individual Core) – Under Ground & Over Head.
  • Optical Fiber Real Broad Band Internet Connectivity only for Corporate House (P2P - Dedicated Individual Core for Unlimited Speed) – Under Ground & Over Head.
  • Optical Fiber Real Broad Band Internet Connectivity only for Corporate House - (P2P - Dedicated Actual B/W Only).
  • Total LAN (including Wireless LAN & Wi-Fi Solutions) & MAN Solutions (with or without maintenance).
  • WAN Solutions (Via - Radio, Radio HUB, VSAT - C-Band & Ku-Band Hub anywhere in Bangladesh).
  • Point to Point / Point to Multi Point Radio Link Solutions.
  • Wired / Wireless Internet Connectivity.
  • BTCL – DDN/ Under Ground Optical Fiber Data Solutions anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Core Network Solutions.
  • IT Consultancy Services.
  • Optical Fiber Last Mile Solutions (with or without maintenance).

any job, anytime, anywhere 

Our Experiences with


We have a good experience with world and local top class companies.

* Ericsson  * Edotco  * Robi  * Airtel  * Grameen Phone  * Teletalk  

Our Experiences on

Experienced of around more than 15000+ Successful Works.

High Skilled and well trained and Motivated 200 Professionals.

  • BTS Installation (4650+)
  • MW Installation (3700+)
  • Optical Fiber Cable termination between MUX & ODF, ODF & LTU, LTU & ODF, ODF & MMU
  • E1 Mapping for both Cascade and Stand alone sites
  • Infrastructure and Cost Studies
  • Power Maintenance for BTS
  • Equipment survey (3200+)
  • Vehicle Management (11)
  • Warehouse Management (3)
  • Site Surveys, Site Evaluation, Approval and Drive Testing (600+)
  • AC and Generator supply, install and maintenance
  • LOS and TSS Survey (4000+)
  • Up Gradation of Baseline, Up Gradation of Modules
  • Management / Technical
  • Core Networking / Switching (10+)
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Multiplexer (10+)
  • Site Acquisition (40+)