Our Drive Test service utilizes RF drive test tools to evaluate cell site coverage criteria. We analyze Log files generated during the test to assess various RF parameters of the network.

We work closely with customers, utilizing provided Drive Routes and Site Data for thorough testing. At the end of each day, the Drive Test LOG File for the specified route/site is handed over to the customer.

Our DT Resource team identifies and addresses routine field optimization issues, such as cable swapping and missing neighbors, in collaboration with the customer. This optimization process aims to:

  • Minimize call drops and RF interference within the network.
  • Enhance indoor and outdoor coverage, ensuring superior speech quality.

For Network Optimization, we leverage industry-leading tools including:

  • TEMS Investigation
  • Agilent E6474A
  • Neptune
  • CDMA Air Interface Tester (CAIT)
  • TEMS DeskCat
  • Actix Analyzer

Our comprehensive approach aims to optimize network performance, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Our Experiences with


We have a good experience with world and local top class companies.

* Ericsson  * Edotco  * Robi  * Airtel  * Grameen Phone  * Teletalk  

Our Experiences on

Experienced of around more than 15000+ Successful Works.

High Skilled and well trained and Motivated 200 Professionals.

  • BTS Installation (4650+)
  • MW Installation (3700+)
  • Optical Fiber Cable termination between MUX & ODF, ODF & LTU, LTU & ODF, ODF & MMU
  • E1 Mapping for both Cascade and Stand alone sites
  • Infrastructure and Cost Studies
  • Power Maintenance for BTS
  • Equipment survey (3200+)
  • Vehicle Management (11)
  • Warehouse Management (3)
  • Site Surveys, Site Evaluation, Approval and Drive Testing (600+)
  • AC and Generator supply, install and maintenance
  • LOS and TSS Survey (4000+)
  • Up Gradation of Baseline, Up Gradation of Modules
  • Management / Technical
  • Core Networking / Switching (10+)
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Multiplexer (10+)
  • Site Acquisition (40+)