Our site installation services encompass a wide spectrum, including:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Installation: Assembly and delivery of LTE, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and specialty equipment.
  • Cabinet Configuration: Internal circuit assembly, cabling, and commissioning for various specialty cabinets.
  • BSC and MSC Configuration: Object creation and translations via designated management systems.
  • Site Call Testing and Optimization: Seamless integration with surrounding sites/cells for optimal performance.
  • Power Kit Installation and LMU Configuration: Integration and setup of LMUs and power systems.
  • Outdoor Equipment Installation: Installation of various cabinet types and management of cables and coaxes.
  • Antenna Installation and Modification: Installation, testing, and modification of antennas and related devices.
  • RET Control System Installation: Setup and configuration of Remote Electrical Tilt systems.
  • Rigorous RF Cable Installations: Performed with calibrated tools and secured for durability.

All installations adhere to industry standards, utilizing manufacturer-specific tools and calibrated torque wrenches for RF cable installations. Our meticulous approach ensures precision and reliability in every installation.

Cutting, shaping, and assembling tower components in accordance with the approved design.
Welding or bolting sections together to create a structurally sound tower.

Quality Control:
Implementing quality control measures throughout the fabrication process to ensure that towers meet specified standards.
Conducting inspections and tests to verify the quality of materials and welds.

Applying a protective coating, typically galvanization, to the tower to prevent corrosion and extend its lifespan.
Ensuring uniform and thorough coverage of the protective coating.

Transportation and Logistics:
Arranging for the transportation of tower components from the manufacturing facility to the installation site.
Coordinating logistics to optimize delivery timelines and minimize transportation costs.

Site Preparation:
Providing guidance on site preparation requirements to ensure a smooth installation process.
Coordinating with site owners or operators for the necessary permits and approvals.

Installation Support:
Offering technical assistance and support to installation teams during the tower erection process.
Providing documentation, including assembly instructions and safety guidelines.

Duct and Conduit Installation:
Installing underground ducts and conduits for the routing of cables.
Ensuring proper pathways for cable installation and maintenance.

Grounding and Lightning Protection:
Implementing grounding systems to protect telecom equipment from electrical surges.
Installing lightning protection measures for tall structures like cell towers.

Civil Maintenance and Upgrades:
Performing regular inspections and maintenance of civil infrastructure.
Upgrading or expanding existing infrastructure to accommodate the growth of telecom networks.

Offering customization options based on client requirements, such as additional mounting points, antenna brackets, or height adjustments.
Adapting tower designs to accommodate specific technological advancements or unique site conditions.

Certification Compliance:
Ensuring that manufactured towers comply with industry certifications and standards.
Providing documentation of compliance for regulatory and certification purposes.

Prototype Development:
Developing prototypes for new tower designs to evaluate structural integrity and performance.
Conducting testing and validation of prototypes before full-scale production.

Research and Development:
Investing in research and development to explore innovative tower designs and materials.
Staying abreast of technological advancements to improve tower performance and efficiency.

Maintenance and Retrofitting:
Providing guidance on tower maintenance practices to extend the lifespan of structures.
Offering retrofitting solutions to upgrade existing towers for new technologies or increased capacity.

Environmental Considerations:
Adhering to environmental standards in tower manufacturing processes.
Exploring sustainable and eco-friendly practices in tower fabrication.

Safety Compliance:
Implementing safety measures to protect workers and the public during construction and maintenance activities.

Tower manufacturers play a crucial role in the telecommunications industry by supplying the infrastructure needed for the deployment of wireless networks. The scope of tower manufacturing involves a combination of engineering expertise, quality control, quality control, logistical coordination, and collaboration with telecommunications providers and site owners.

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We have a good experience with world and local top class companies.

* Ericsson  * Edotco  * Robi  * Airtel  * Grameen Phone  * Teletalk  

Our Experiences on

Experienced of around more than 15000+ Successful Works.

High Skilled and well trained and Motivated 200 Professionals.

  • BTS Installation (4650+)
  • MW Installation (3700+)
  • Optical Fiber Cable termination between MUX & ODF, ODF & LTU, LTU & ODF, ODF & MMU
  • E1 Mapping for both Cascade and Stand alone sites
  • Infrastructure and Cost Studies
  • Power Maintenance for BTS
  • Equipment survey (3200+)
  • Vehicle Management (11)
  • Warehouse Management (3)
  • Site Surveys, Site Evaluation, Approval and Drive Testing (600+)
  • AC and Generator supply, install and maintenance
  • LOS and TSS Survey (4000+)
  • Up Gradation of Baseline, Up Gradation of Modules
  • Management / Technical
  • Core Networking / Switching (10+)
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Multiplexer (10+)
  • Site Acquisition (40+)